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How does Someturva work?

Start using Someturva. Log in Someturva's service. You can use the service on any device: phone, computer or tablet.

Avoid the dangers of social media. You can find the safety guides for the most popular social media platforms on our app and website. With them, you can prevent incidents in your daily use of social media. See an example of a safety guide (TikTok).

Let us know when something unpleasant happens. You can anonymously report bullying and harassment situations to us 24/7. Our interactive app makes it easy for anyone to report the situation and its details. We have divided the complex legislation and case law into sections in such a way that anyone can easily provide enough information for a legal assessment.

We will send you our response. When you report a situation, our experts will analyse it and you will receive our response within 0-3 days. This includes legal advice, psychological support and tools to resolve the situation. If necessary, we will also help you to report the situation to the police. Our experts are lawyers, psychologists and social psychologists with expertise in social media. See an example of how we help.

Updated on: 30/08/2023

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